How to keep Gnats away from house and outside

How do you keep gnats away from your face and repel them far away from your house and outdoor Whatever you type it gnat or nat or knat, you are in the right place What keeps gnats away? Gnat’s repellents may be herbal plants, kitchen remedies, or chemical products as well.Not killing gnats and house insects but repel them and keep them away longer and longer. Basically most household insects hate clean house and good smell a gnats love every homeowner in America or any place in the world should worry about insects to get infested in corners and Gnats… Read more »

Potato Natural Gnat Trap from inside the soil

I’ve read a lot of methods right there, and I’ve been fighting these little buggers Since 3 months ago, I am like many of us searching for natural ways to grow plants and take care of them cheaply as possible.Finally I found some guys out there talking about using potato’s slices as gnat baits to attract larvae which deeply immersed into the potting soil. Why we didn’t use gnat’s love to potato to attract them and kill them.  So that, I decided to give this potato trick a try. Actually, many types of soil and potting mixes have a number… Read more »

How to Kill Fungus Gnat using Hydrogen peroxide insecticide

We are going to describe another natural remedy to kill soil gnats, which is mainly in larval stage and eggs. The method is very simple in addition to some precaution to increase efficiency level. Hydrogen peroxide is the simplest peroxide (a compound with an oxygen-oxygen bond) and finds use as a strong oxidizer, bleaching agent and disinfectant. Concentrated hydrogen peroxide, or ‘high-test peroxide’, is a reactive oxygen species and has been used as a propellant in rocketry. Still do not know what fungus gnat looks like? Moreover, Hydrogen peroxide is a simple home remedy to kill nats larvae and destroy knats eggs in seconds, hydrogen peroxide has a powerful effervescence which… Read more »

22 How to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats Fast

Fungus gnats are a common problem for soil plant growers particularly those ‎overwatering “If there is No Wet Topsoil, Fungus Gnats Naturally Vanished!‏” Next Three Sections about:Fungus Knat Sources, Signs, Differentiation, and diseases; Skip if you already know that. Where is the fungus gnat coming from? ‏Fungus gnats infest home, office, commercial and apartment plants, as well, ‏Fungus gnats need wet conditions to thriveOverwatered matter has begun to decay in the topsoil‏,‏Wet topsoil have broken down organic matter like dead leavesFungus gnat lays their eggs in the top layer of wet soil‎‏.‏Spores of fungus gnat will grow once warm and wet conditions… Read more »

5 Effective Home Remedies for Gnats in the House and fruit flies inside

Only effective homemade remedies no bullshit The idea is to use low cost home remedies and tools found in every kitchen to kill ‎gnats safely fast.‎ Who need natural homemade remedies to kill flies and nats inside house?‎If you do not want to hurt yourself and your children the harmful chemicals ‎Kill gnats without poisoning your houseIf your home budget poor and can not buy more gadgetsFeared of killing beautiful ornamental potting plants inside houseYou have the time and patience to build a powerful homemade trap yourself at your ‎home to get rid of the flying insects final.‎ Strategy aims… Read more »

How To Get Rid of Fungus Gnats Larvae in Houseplants using Nematodes

I am trying to state the best tactics used by real customers to get rid ‎of fungus gnats effectively Control them within 2 days by using ‎beneficial nematode.‎ Nema-Globe as a natural Fungus gnat killer indoorFungus gnat control nematodes are microscopic predators squirming around which seek out larval stages ‎of various fly and other dipteral insects which develop in the soil.‎The beneficial nematodes live in the soil and attack any harmful egg ‎or larvae, preventing future problems.‎It’s easy to administer in two to three weeks.‎ Scientific intro first is appropriate, if you know that part already, just ‎skip these paragraphs.‎… Read more »

Best Natural Fungus Gnat Killer in Potting Soil

I was searching for Natural gnat killer that is safe on plants roots and not a sicks based, I found this amazing product, “Growstone Gnat Nix” I decided to give it a try for Fungus Gnat Control mission. Simply prevents adult emergence from hatching larvae and deters females from laying eggs in the growing media.   How to use Growstone Gnat Nix for Fungus Knat Control: Put at least 1.5 inches in each of small pots, spread them and make a thin layer. One bag covered 3 13-inch pots, 4 7-inch, 1 6-inch, 3 4-inch. Gnat Nix as directed with… Read more »