5 ways How do gnats enter in my house? signs of gnats invasion

Gnats could infest both bathrooms and kitchen and quickly spread. Just curious how they came in?

  1. They want something to eat, like remains of foods, so keep all foods covered and clean up all food particles around the house
  2. They want wet place, like wet sinks and watering wells or you might have a water leak. many of those bugs need water to propagate
  3. Trash garbage
  4. Gnats sources outdoor: often is brought outbreaks of mosquito into the house in the house plants. If you have house plants, even one, and will breed mosquitoes often in the soil, especially around the roots of the plant, and then hundreds of all hatch and you have a sudden injury and could not see where it came from. Sometimes if you move your houseplants around you will see them fly out – this is the real tell tale sign.

    gnats come outdoor, indoor and outdoor sources

  5. Gnats love lights. If we look for insects and is hurtling toward light surprise …

    Many of us do not know the reason for this rush …

    And most surprising that the male alone attracted some light without female ….

    In fact, the insects do not hurtling toward all known sources of light was the subject

    The focus of the attention of researchers since the time of Aristotle!!!
    In the nineteenth century the “O. P. Frost” from the University of Pennsylvania study of America

    Phenomenon accurately …

    Allowing the French to the world, “c. Faber” to find a convincing explanation for this strange phenomenon ..
    Theory says “Faber” that specific radiation from the light source is responsible for attracting insects …

    It was confirmed to conduct some experiments which proved that a series of minutes of packages
    Infrared radiation emitted by a light source that produces the power of attraction .. These experiments have been conducted on the bed …
    And he knew that the gland at the tip of the abdomen Butterfly secrete certain substances in the “cell” and this certain chemical is transmitted infrared and spread into the air …..
    Male bedding then captures male of the fly on certain height these rays then gravitate towards the female …

    So that when you see some bedding males are attracted towards the light, believing that there are female waiting.

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    1. gnatmaster Post author

      Steve, I agree šŸ™‚

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      This is good infromation however.

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