88 methods on how to get rid of nats fast with home remedies

How to get rid of household insects that flies and bites by identify then Extermination of household insects:
Insects abound in the tropics, and spread into homes and cause a lot of trouble and damage as well as affinity in the transfer and spread of infectious diseases.
And insects commonly found in the home:
Flies – mosquitoes – ants – bugs – cockroaches – moth – mice

How to prevent household insects get in in your house?
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Flies - mosquitoes - ants - bugs - cockroaches - moth - mice To prevent the entry of these insects and their reproduction in the home, then you are advice to do the following:
1. Cleaning the house completely clean.
2. Keeping fouling home and other waste in a rubbish bin airtight lid with into account Fund cleansing between period and another.
3. Renewal conditioned rooms of the house, and a safe food.
4. Fill holes and cracks with cement or gypsum.
5. Cleaning dirty dishes and cooking utensils immediately after use.
6. Put nets or curtains or wire on the windows and doors.
7. Not leave leftover food on the table or in a food closet.

How to kill flies and get rid of its bad flies with home ways: Annihilated flies in the following ways:
1 – sprayed on the kitchen floor one night pesticides and sweep the floor in the morning.
2 – Deadly toxins sprayed for insects on the windows and those infested with flies.
3 – Using any adhesive that leaves them lacquer flies and put in place frequently flies, and leaves the flies by and cleave and annihilated burned paper.
4 – The use of pesticide spraying after being closed windows and doors and then collects and burns.

Get rid of the bad effects of mosquitoes (fleas) and prevent your children from being harmful to mosquito bites:
Frequently mosquitoes in the entities in the areas of wetlands, ponds, swamps, and transmits a lot of dangerous diseases such as fever, malaria and yellow are exterminate mosquitoes in the following way:
1 – Pour oil petroleum (oil) in the discharge water sinks and especially in the summer.
2 – Genocide smoking home sulfur dioxide gas and this process needs to be warned.
3 – The use of pesticide spraying after being closed windows and doors.
4. To get rid of fleas: prose the yeast in the case of dry or fresh garlic, and if you have pets at home, you should comb their fur using this yeast.

Household ways to get rid of rapid cockroaches
1- to exterminate the cockroaches followed by the following:
2- plug nozzle sinks and toilets at night with a piece of tile and more.
3- Pour oil or toxic solvents in the slots sinks and toilets then pour the water in the morning.
4- Throwing balls of flour putty pesticides in the place where cockroaches abound in places far from the reach of children.

Appliances quick ways to get rid of the ants and the effective elimination of them
1- still crumbs and remnants of food on the tables or food cabinet.
2- Placed legs banquets or reservoirs in small jars with water by a layer of petroleum oil.
3- Sprayed cracks that housed it ant insecticide powder.
4. A mixture of fresh powder and vinegar will help to his disappearance.
5. Sprinkle salt or soap water the ants make him run away.
6. There is a banner bearing “No Entry” when used in any form of mint forms.

How to get rid of completely and easily from the moth in your house:
1- woolen clothes are exposed and fur blankets and carpets conditioning and brushing thoroughly cleaned to remove the eggs or small worms, then kept in clean boxes or inside cardboard boxes and cover court with a few mothballs. Or pieces of soap with soap smell good freshener.
2- To maintain clothes moth should be suspended small bags containing a few mothballs or soap.

Any way you must follow proven methods in the clothing store to prevent the accumulation of moth:A – clean clothes to be either dry cleaning or hand washing, to be ironed too.
B – The storage area is dry and cold.
C – Clothes that have a fur store in places like hollow dome maintain Vruha.

Getting rid of Insects of rugs: Continuous cleaning of carpets using a vacuum cleaner can save you from dwelling insects similarly hair that it no shelter insects.
Avoid dust accumulation in places where they can be found where the insects at the outer border of the carpet, under furniture … Etc. They are the same sources of nourishment.

Start getting rid of rats in your home before you eat wood doors and lend your kitchen:
1 – extermination of mice using traps where the bait is placed, must be careful to touch it too much because human mice smell a loan for a fast entry.
2 – Wild herb chamomile is placed in places inhabited by rats flee from the smell because they dislike.
3. Placed borax powder (Borax) around the entrances, with keep it away from the reach of hands
4. Preparation of mint tea and then filtered and put it on places that can be frequented by rats.

Get rid of insect or bird’s nest in or around the house.Clothing stored for a long time without the use of such fur or leather on the shelves or drawers are often a source of infection

How to get rid of Flying insects
1- Develop basil leaves or fruit chestnut about to expel insects on fruit.
2- When preparing food in an open place, you light the candles and placed near the meat immature they are working on the expulsion of flying insects until you eat it.
3- It is appropriate solutions: the smell of lavender.

How to get rid of garden insects and how to get rid of outdoor gnats
1- Scattering the ashes of wood on the leaves to avoid the formation of mold on them.
2- Garlic and chili are both effective means against the following insects:
“White flies, Aphids, Leaf hoppers, and Spider mites”

How to use garlic spray for mosquitoes, and how to prepare garlic spray as follows:
1- Mix three cloves of garlic in a blender with fill it halfway with water.
2- Purified water with added when needed.
3- You can add two tablespoons of molasses.

Using hot pepper spray, and how to prepare chili pepper spray as follows:
1- Mix 1/2 cup of chili with two and a half cups of water, with filtered after completing the mixing.
2- Mixes soapy liquid or powder detergent with this water will be sprayed to keep the grass from the garden insects.

An effective way to get rid of the larvae of the butterfly:
To deal with the larvae of butterflies, you do this spray:
Mix the grated or any acidic fruit seeds such as lemon and dipped in the water until the next morning.

How to get rid of the beetle:
1. You can hunt beetle mixing two tablespoons of dishwasher powder with 500 ml of water and then sprayed on the plants.
2. Repeat the process of 5-7 days until complete disappearance of insects, and this spray is also used with the larvae of butterflies.

The Japanese beetle can be eliminated by using the “onion method” as follows:
1 – placed about 5 fruits Onion with 5 fruits Thom after cutting into small pieces in a jar.
2 – Add one teaspoon of vegetable oil.
3 – Close the jar tightly and leave for one day at room temperature.
4 – Strain the mixture into a clean cloth to get rid of the remnants of the onion and garlic juice after making them.
5 – Add 500 mL of water to oil mixture, then two tablespoons of powdered dishwasher.
6 – to set up and use spray day by day, add three tablespoons of the solution with 500 mL of water spraying for 5-7 days (and better timing after sunset or after rain).
7- Radish whereby you can get rid of the potato beetle.

How to get rid of biting gnats for paper and clothing (Silverfish):
The use of lavender and eucalyptus for the protection of these insects.

Home methods to get rid of Gecko
1- Spray gecko with spray of starch, which hinders gecko and overburden movement
It is then beaten
2- The Gecko hates eggshell , put the eggshells around the house
Put the veneer of where the eggs emptied egg small aperture
3- Gecko hates the car burned oil (wipe it on the ports and openings of BPA)
4- There is a a great product and the name of the product (Repellent with Herbal Remedies)
And the price is cheap and easy to use, the product in the form of stones Its a very small “amounts of it are placed in a light cloth and linking (in the form of straw) and placed in the windows of his righteousness, and above the curtains and possible anywhere far from the reach of children

I hope you found helpful information and effective methods to get rid of annoying household insects and be happy, please recommend this methods o other people to help them fight these insects and be happy.

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  1. Mary Nixon

    I am having trouble with Nats [gnats] in the house. I have been reading about getting rid of them hope it works. Any subjections let me know.
    Mary Nixon

    1. Elaine

      I am having a bad news time getting rid of knats. I have used apple cidar vinegar with the apple and luqiud soap and done just about everything they suggest to do and I still have them. They have gotten into my bed and bite me.
      The are knats and evern though it’s gotten somewhat better, I still have them.
      My son is going to help me set two knats spray balms in the house soon.
      I will take the cat and leave for a couple of hours.

  2. Sofia

    Since early October I’ve had the pesky gnats. I used wine to get them and just found out that was wrong. Apple cider vinegar and liquid soap in a bowl covered with plastic wrap. Hole in Center so they can fly in.
    I just read this and just threw out the wine and replaced it with the vinegar and soap


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