3 most used yellow sticks traps to kill fungus gnats and flying insects

The technology of adhesive chemical is successfully used in home and garden tools as I post here three powerful adhesion-based traps to get rid of all types of knats and fungus nats as well as flying and crawling insects indoor and outdoor.
Whatever the material used and the shape taken most of them use the same role to kill pesky insects by catch mosquitoes and tiny insects and stick it to the surface is covered with an adhesive so can not escape. In addition to adhesives to be used in yellow enhances the ability to attract very tiny insects that continue buzz which you can’t see it but gnats can see the yellow color clearly and go to him and here stuck on the adhesive patch and does not let it escape, or at least hold out for a long time until it is die and then fall in a pot full of vinegar or a mixture of water and vinegar or vegetable oil.
Most posted yellow cards here are cheap as low as 5 bucks and durable and may be used more than once as The Universal Insect cards are dual-colored (which is more effective) by flip it over and uncover the second sticky surface when the first side gets full.

Fly Stick 10.5″ Traps Flies, Moths, Wasps, Gnats and other Flying Insects
The great choice for Supermarkets, Retail Outlets, Homes, Farms, Hospitals, Restaurants and others, no installation steps to start working, just keet it hanged near a light source and it will grab all home insects as flies, gnats, moths, wasps and many other flying insects or if you have a food that is contaminated with grain moth larvae, which eventually hatches and have moths flying around, it will catch them all.

The adhesive used in FLY STICK is VERY strong and never let any winged insect to fly again, small gnats will not bother you. “honey will do the same role but may be a cause of pollution”

Fly Stick is best solution for flies that resist any other household spray or vinegar solution as sand flies, but this stick help better and cannot be resisted.

Fruit fly on foods, kitchen instruments, and outdoor plants are no long persist after using such sticks to catch them all and No chemicals, No foul smelling odors and not messy like other fly-catching tapes.

It is ready to be used once get out of its box and as cheap as 6 bucks, handle it one in each room near source light will catch more, because gnats and flying insects attracted to the light.

Fly Stick will not be valid for large apartment or places with high intensive load of pollution as garbage, or recycle bin, the more dust in a place the less effectiveness of the flay stick product because dust suppress the adhesive property of stick rolled paper.

The second clean and environment friendly is the yellow cards.
Product 2: 25ea. 3″ X 5″ Yellow Sticky Traps
For White Flies, Aphids, Fungus Gnats & Leaf Miners

It is powerful solution to kill grown gnats and fungus gnats by simple put the yellow sticks within the soil then you may see traps covered with gnats and flying bugs within 24 hour, thus you said no to those little flying bastards.
A nontoxic nonpoisonous way to control insects in your houseplants too, you may cut the card into two halves and stick them in the soil or dirty places in the garden or flower pot.
Cheap as low as 6 bucks and durable because the adhesive material used are not affected by moisture or other atmospheric factors..
Although yellow sticks is a very powerful, however you may use these sticky traps with pyrethrum and vegetable oil especially when you see occasional pesky gnat buzzing around, you may use clean yellow stick only to get rid of dirty hands after using such methods but take into account they are more powerful against fungus gnats so that cannot overrun or escape from traps.
Every customer bought them told us “These traps work well”.

A little secret about yellow stick effectiveness:
Some people purchase Yellow sticks and get them frustrated about catch gnats forever and finally give up and use conventional methods, yellow sticks should be in a container half filled with water or vinegar, so that caught gnats cannot overrun after.

For more details about: Why the yellow cards can’t keep the insects that are caught and let it run away after a while?

Springstar BioCare Gnat Stix S5333
This type of sticks have a magic ability to lower infestations without toxic pesticides, so that it will be suitable for fungus gnats in house plants also traps will kill adult flies for months as they emerge from the soil, it is not a very strong with bugs and may be less effective in catching and adhesion knats than the two types above.

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