Getting rid of Fungus Gnats, White Flies, Leafminers with Double-Sided Universal Insect Monitor Cards

Item model number: FW-74.
Gardner’s Insect Monitor Cards does not contain toxic materials or harmful to the environment or to the health and thus maintain the health of your children from toxic substances, . It’s a best alternative to chemicals as harmful pesticides and insecticides.
as well as it doesn’t leave mess after use it, with powerful adhesive material cannot permit leave any of gnats, they are very sticky so be careful when handling them.
Simply it is an ease to use monitor strips to kill gnats.

In order to get the maximum benefits of using strips traps and catch rates, the Gardner’s Insect Monitor Cards manufactured with two insect attracting colors on each trap, the double Sides one of them is Brilliant Blue, and other side is Yellow colored, this will also increase durability of cards and save you a bill, however It packaged as 10 double-sided cards in each pack.

Cribriform traps with 4″ x 8″ in sizes to facilitate the use options that it may be hanged in the ceiling fan, ceiling, Attached to a wooden pole, or a Wooden Dummy in the garden
It is not easy to know if the trap is working or no, so that Monitor cards provided with 1″ Monitor Grid for Easy Insect Identification.

What is the effectiveness of Double-sided Gardner’s Insect Monitor Cards ?
By the way it is frequent question to know if the cards is suitable for you or not.
A lot of Species of leaf miners gnats spread around the USA and abundant , including certain moths, flies, beetles, and sawflies. Each species of leaves insects usually feeds only on a few closely related plants, common plants to be protected are as tomato, pepper, cucumber, basil, pole beans, flowering plants , and blueberry. So the effectiveness of any trap or solution is dependent on three factor: the first is the type plants that are cultivated and the second is Location of you from the world, the time of the year you are in is the third potential factor, read more about Species of leaf miners gnats.

What are gnats species affected by Gardner’s Insect Monitor Cards?
The more effective in getting rid of them.
If the pest flies or crawls, any flying or jumping bug these sheets should be effective especially those “land-on-your-picnic-lunch-flies”. The gnat population will be drastically reduced.
These sticky traps work great for catching mites, Fungus gnats, white flies, aphids, wasps, thrips, and leafminers, with a little effect on catching lizard.

How much it takes to get rid of gnats with Monitor cards?
It is depends mainly on the heaviness of gnats infestations in your home and garden or whatever places the gnats annoy you and buzz around. Because once fungus gnats hatches, you are ready to meet with new generation of Knats kids.
Many people experience No gnats after two weeks, others still have a few buzzers after a month, it is all depend on how much gnats in around your house?

How to use yellow cards more effectively?
No Limits How you can use these sticky traps.

  1. Use these sheets lying flat in a windowsill for Box Elder bugs. And attached to a metal stake to trap all sorts of flying insects.
  2. Fold into triangle-shaped delta. Or tear apart at perforations for use in smaller areas or close to base of plants.
  3. Fold or tear trap into the desired format. Peel protective cover from one or both sides of the trap. Place or hang traps close to plants. When used in large areas.
  4. For both indoor and outdoor use traps to be more practical it should be placed 10-15 feet apart.
By experience you will know the exact deterioration date or the date that sticks become invalid, completely occupied by gnats, or adhesive material become useless due to high number of gnats that caught. and should be replaced.

Monitor yellow cards problems solved:

Monitor cards not work in my infected plants?
A lot of pest problems are solved by removing the affected leaf, limb, branch and discarding it in a sealed package.

I tried other cards traps and they not work if moistened with water?

white fly, drain fly, fruit fly nats, yellow sticky traps

Monitor cards have very important consistency which is impermeable to water, so that it will not affected when it is raining or when cards fall in moist soil. Sometime especially in the fall It is must to move plants, for this reason monitor cards act as a simple pesticide-free solution inside your home.

Why Gardner’s Insect Monitor Cards not effective for catching fruit flies and white flies?
Fruit Fly is a common in house and garden as well while drain fly is a kitchen fly puts eggs in the sinks, also whitefly is a garden fly, show the difference between flies in the opposite image.
In the case of fruit flies a few arrangements should be taken before use monitor cards. Eliminate the source of attraction which is rotten foods or fruit that provide for a permanent place to live and reproduce. Use your vacuum. Place a small dish with fruit juice, vinegar, etc. They will be attracted to the liquid and drown. Or you may hang a card on a pole immersed in a plate contains the vinegar soapy solution to maximize effectiveness.

In case of drain flies “Latin Name:Family Psychodidae“as they are similar in appearance with fruit flies but require more cleaning procedures, the causes include a slow or clogged drain. Drain flies require a totally different control as reducing watering frequency, remove the material causing the clog, remove the breeding site, which is the organic material that collected in the drain and contain larvae and eggs, insecticidal soap and neem oil., more will be written in How to control Flies in Kitchen.

Whiteflies “scientific nomenclature is Aleyrodidae ” may be controlled by vacuum adults from leaves; remove infested leaves; indoors, release Encarsia formosa parasitic wasps to control greenhouse whitefly; outdoors, attract native parasitic wasps and predatory beetles; spray with insecticidal soap or garlic oil; as a last resort, spray with pyrethrin. Then catch adults on yellow sticky traps.

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