25 effective remedy to get rid of stink bugs in the house

Halyomorpha halys, the brown marmorated, green stink bug and bug bites are big problems facing homeowners and hotels in the United States.
in September 1998 in Allentown, eastern Pennsylvania was the first sample collected and analysed.
Mucor odor bugs is a result of intentionally killing the insect or for daily incidents of a presence under the bed or in the way you move between the rooms of the house.
Fouling odor of bug-infested rooms are increasing in unventilated indoor where moisture interacts with the atmosphere and spread by water vapor and particulates between cotton pillows and mattresses.

Proliferate in warm moist conditions such as mild winter or spring, warm a little and leave behind a generation each year between mobile homes from apartment to apartment and car to car taking advantage of people and Traffic housing expatriates in the Americas
Bugs also turns on the fur of livestock in the countryside, dogs or cats in the home, causing diseases of agricultural crops and itching for pets in addition to the foul smell left behind in any place in which they may breed abundantly.
Alternatives to chemicals and pesticides’ spray:
Remove the stench of bugs using vacuums machines and vacuum cleaners but prefer to use this method after using other extermination methods to confirm.
Also use a electrocution systems or bug zappers and sprayers is a fast and effective way to getting rid of them permanently especially after good aeration and cleaning.
Seal your doors and windows or Patch up tiny holes using Instant adhesive and epoxy or  silica gel will not prevent insects invasion, absolutely; dark unventilated and moisture-rich rooms is a good environment attract insects and bedbugs. But such techniques may be help in decease the moisture and dust as well as rubbing your screens with dryer sheets
Do not Kill bugs outside or inside because by squash a few bugs with an old pair of shoes or a stone the fouling explosion will come.
Attract stink bug predators in you garden: Natural predators include parasitic flies, wasps, birds, toads, spiders, and praying mantises.
Control aeration in rooms to prevent bug invasion:
Vents and chimneys to facilitate the control process of odors as well as to increase the humidity that bring bedbugs, including bugs and mites.
Other natural way to get rid of stink bugs on the mattress and bed mattresses and pillows by:
Take all Baggage the house from pillows and mattresses, and cloth bags used to cover pillows and chairs suspending them in the sun for more than 24 hours to dry the fluid can then be easily washed.
Washing clothes in hot water and placemats once or steam (no steam electric devices available in the market and not expensive) and this benefit and useful.
The use of bottle or machine-guns Sprayers:
Natural Pesticides sprayers are a large family of herbs or natural oils mixed with water and get sprayed around infected areas at home or garden outdoor or indoor, it can be made by simple materials and substances in your kitchen, also see more home made solutions.
Natural repellent  sprayers:
Repealing garlic spray.
Garlic spray for the expulsion of the moth and bedbugs:
Uses the amount of garlic, crushed 4 spoons on the text of a liter of water and is placed in the machine guns and spray them as in the methods mentioned. Odor garlic unpleasant forcing the bugs out of your home.
Sprinkle the mint not like bugs.
Catnip herb smell good and insect repellent, catnip can be grown in small pots to decorate the hall in your apartment or your house or planted in your garden.
Ten drops of peppermint oil to a pint of water is sprayed inside and out the exits. It can be used after the garlic to give a good smell and can be used alone.
Natural killing sprayers:
Diatomaceous Earth is a chalky powder and a natural sedimentary rock. It contains silica, alumina, and iron oxide. spread it both outside and inside, focusing on entryways like windows and doors along with other areas where stink bugs seem to gather.
Dish washing detergent or antibacterial soap:
Spray cleaner or dishwashing soap water disrupts the vital functions of the insect and dried her body thereby eliminating the bugs and the eggs left by behind it.
Spray neem oil or petroleum oil
Cause neem oil or fuel oil in the killing of the internal parts of the bugs or any insect and thus disrupts the growth and reproduction in any adult insect.
Chemical and insecticide sprayers:
Sprayers can be used with chemicals packaged anti-bacterial or anti-insect to end the lives of these insects spammed.

Spray filled with Naphthalene and benzene is used as an insecticide, but lethal, but it has a strong odor and can affect any one if inhaled strongly, so advised by putting them on the wood cracks and places and gatherings bugs. And do not enter the room only after going completely odorless.
Lysol is a good example which works and smells better.
Talstar Pro and Suspend PolyZone also work well if you treat your home’s exterior under the eaves, entryways, and cracks and crevices that they may provide a residual protection.
telstart kill all stink bugs and runaway
Sprayer the mixture of chlorine liquid and toilet detergent:
A lethal and deadly serious method but Be warned.
First essential brought masks and gloves for the hands .
Second, he brought a plastic container in the form of an open tray
Thirdly brought a pint of Clorox ” liquid chlorine “
Fourthly brought a pint of your bathroom cleaner to clean toilets.
Fifthly open your bags and cupboards and allof floors and clothes on hangers
VI waited into the night and closed the lights in the room where the insect
Seventh pour chlorine and detergent bath in the pot plastic gingerly with the addition of a little water very few 20 mL water , and come out of the room and closed it for 3 to 4 hours will happen to the interaction between the detergent bath and liquid chlorine produces gas very stuffy Be warned then after three hours or four fan the room and run fans or air-condition that he found the way and repeat every ten days for a month or a month and a half , but be very careful of gas because it reacts once you pour liquid chlorine to the bathroom cleaner .
Eighth place naphthalene under the mattress down.
Naphthalene is the smell of jet tablets are placed in the bathroom and get them from shops in the mostly plastic materials .
Step by step how to use bedbug spray to kill them effectively and gurentee that No bugs will come again.
  1. Wash the amount of clothing you need them to make sure they are free of bugs and make sure the bags are also free and leave the house for three days .
  2. Sprinkle the house piece by piece inch by inch, all the bedding and pillows , clothing , every wall of each frame everything, even the floor and doors. Ye house and windows tightly so as not to leave ventilation.
  3. After three days Come back to the house , and open the windows to ventilate rooms and wash clothes sprayed with pesticide to be used and live your life normally.
  4. After 14 days then repeat the previous steps , because some of the eggs may hatch after 14 days , you must kill the larvae before puberty , so repeat the spraying process as before and after 3 days Come back to the house , and so your home will be free of bugs 100% .
Some tips in order not to repeat with you the problem of bugs , get rid of pieces of furniture the wearing and rotten wood , place material silicate known under the mattress and corners of rooms , but Beware of the kids may eat them , or place instead caught and perfume, mint and basil under pillows , mattresses, linens, chairs and Home entrance .
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