How To Get Rid of Fungus Gnats Larvae in Houseplants using Nematodes

I am trying to state the best tactics used by real customers to get rid ‎of fungus gnats effectively Control them within 2 days by using ‎beneficial nematode.‎

Nema-Globe as a natural Fungus gnat killer indoorFungus gnat control nematodes are microscopic predators squirming around which seek out larval stages ‎of various fly and other dipteral insects which develop in the soil.‎
The beneficial nematodes live in the soil and attack any harmful egg ‎or larvae, preventing future problems.‎
It’s easy to administer in two to three weeks.‎

Scientific intro first is appropriate, if you know that part already, just ‎skip these paragraphs.‎

  • Fungus gnats

They are families Mycetophilidae and Sciaridae which are a common pest of ‎plants grown indoors.‎
When Fungus gnats are grown?‎
Where the humidity and moisture are high, the gnats infestation become severe.‎
They have annual tradition in your house every January during ‎Christmas. ‎
How to know your patio, yard, or pots have gnat infestation?‎
Larval stage is the harmless adults which are seen flying around house plants or ‎gathered at a nearby window. While larvae is non-biting adult gnats they will be ‎able to fly and buzzing around, feeding in the soil, that can damage tender plant ‎roots.‎

  • How to identify Adult and larvae?‎

Adults are delicate, grayish black, mosquito-like flies (1/8 inch long) with long legs ‎and one pair of clear wings, however they are weak fliers ‎
They are emerging from potted plants when watering. ‎
Larvae are most damaging to seedlings, cuttings and young plants
Larvae or maggots (1/4 inch) have a shiny black head and an elongated, whitish ‎to transparent body. ‎
They are most abundant in damp, rich soils and feed on root hairs, fungi and ‎other organic materials.‎
The Fungus Gnat Predator (Hypoaspis aculeifer)‎
It is a tiny, but effective killer of fungus gnat and other harmful larvae found in ‎soil. But you cannot replace the enemy.‎

How to use nematodes the right way they are working great?‎

  1. After delivered and immediately put in the refrigerator as they need ‎to be kept cool to keep them alive. ‎
  2. You can See them squirming around in the dirt through the glass on ‎the open terrarium-like container. ‎
  3. Be sure to refrigerate immediately on arrival.‎
  4. Using dechlorinated water which simply chlorine free water, do not use tap water, 64 oz ‎bottles of distiller water will do the job. ‎
  5. Add nema-globe contents to a spray bottle. Or simply mix your ‎nematodes into a watering can and drench the soil of all indoor ‎plants. ‎
  6. Immediately apply nematode solution after preparation ‎
  7. Each day after you watered the plants, spray the plant and soil with ‎the water/nematode mixture. Spray all your house plants. ‎

  • Reapplication is the key to best fungus gnat killing:‎

While each gnat can lay up to 200 eggs, all gnat killing techniques is aimed in “repeat, ‎reapply”, don’t hesitate, the techniques really work to eliminate fungus gnats, and ‎absolutely nats will go away by the time.‎
You may see a slight decrease in the gnats population during the first two weeks but ‎you will see NO nats in the house for several weeks or so after reapplication.‎

  1. ‎Do not apply to dry media ‎‏
  2. Apply twice to absolutely kill all flying bugs, once immediately post ‎receiving and one week later apply the second.‎
  3. Recommended reapplication by the manufacturer is within 7-10 days ‎after the first time for a complete natural way to kill fungus gnats
  4. Application preferred for low pressure – every 2 weeks, at medium pressure – weekly, ‎at high pressure – every 5 days.‎
  5. Reapply after heavily watering for 2 days later until the tiny ‎predators work and engulf gnats families.‎
  6. Continue to spray with nema-globe mixture every few days as a ‎defensive technique.‎
  7. Bigger fungus gnat’s infestation needs more nematode packages to massively remove ‎all eggs, larvae, and adult insects.‎
  8. Also use more applications for severe infestation by gnats and other insects like ‎fleas.‎
  9. Larger trees such as lemon tree really need for more nematodes.‎

Nema-Globe Fungus Gnat Pest Control problems solved

  • The package arrives without any cooling packs, so that you are ‎advised to use expedited shipping.‎
  • Some pots are recovered from gnat eggs and larvae while other pots ‎stills have gnats:‎ 

Suggestions include: ‎

  1. You have big gnat population; hence the reapplication is the best ‎solution.‎ 
  2. You potted plants in hard soil, then remix the soil or buy another ‎one.‎
  3. The nema-globe content in the sprayer is low, add more.   ‎
  • Fungus gnats bounced back worse than before after two weeks: 

Dead nematode or less active nematode problems are possibly caused by:

  1. The patch arrived warm and has a fishy smell, thus it may be work ‎after being refrigerated or the nematodes lost and will not working.‎
  2. You might not refrigerated the package after arrival, nematode ‎rotten and become a hot meal for gnats in the soil.‎
  3. The soil has another predator which finds nematodes a delicious ‎meal.‎

You did not respray after watering

Applied just before or after a significant watering

  • Excessive watering problems: A little water is a great factor to rinse nematodes from the foliage ‎and media surface, while nematodes stay active in the potting media in general 10-14 ‎days, too much watering may wash the nematodes away.‎

Do Nematodes harm my houseplants?‎
Using nematodes with vegetable plants can cause damage to roots, however this ‎is safe because:

  • We use some species which are beneficial called “Steinernema ‎feltiae” and they are have NO mouth parts; it does not feed, while Plant-parasitic ‎nematodes have a “stylet” mouthpart designed to penetrate plant tissues.‎
  • Beneficial Nematodes are natural enemies of soil-dwelling insect larvae ‎
  • Obligate insect parasites (must attack an insect host to survive) ‎
  • Only the 3rd stage juvenile is free-living (also called the “IJ” or “dauer larva”).‎
  • They are effective on fungus gnat larvae and other larval stage of diptera developing ‎in the soil.‎
  • Completely safe to humans
  • EPA exempt from registration ‎
  • Nematodes can be used in with many materials, including fertilizers and fungicides ‎and can be mixed with Adept (diflubenzuron), Distance (pyroproxifen), Gnatrol (Bti), ‎Acephate, and pyrethroids.‎
  • Easy to apply

Remember that:
Nema-Globe is ideal preventative treatment for tropical plants which are brought indoors after the outdoor gardening ‎season is over
The package can be used within two seasons, use the half of ‎contents in January while the other half kept in the refrigerator to ‎apply in fall or simply resell as used fungus gnat killer.‎

If the method worked well and you got rid of your plant pest problem, ‎please leave your feedback.‎

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