How to keep Gnats away from house and outside

How do you keep gnats away from your face and repel them far away from your house and outdoor

Whatever you type it gnat or nat or knat, you are in the right place

What keeps gnats away?

Gnat’s repellents may be herbal plants, kitchen remedies, or chemical products as well.
Not killing gnats and house insects but repel them and keep them away longer and longer.
Basically most household insects hate clean house and good smell a gnats love every homeowner in America or any place in the world should worry about insects to get infested in corners and

Gnats is a generic word for many species of little and tiny insects which live with human inside house in rooms, kitchen, and even in bathroom, however gnats swarms outside house are very noisy in house garden and golf space, etc..
Fruit fly are type of those pesky nasty creatures that fly around your face while you sitting in the house but fruitfly are larger than many others which are very little insects you can’t see them but of course you can beat them and kill them all.

In order to keep nats away we must fight against all house insects at the same time, because if your house infested with one bug they all are invited, so that this is a guide to how to keep away fruit flies too, do not be scared, we’re going to use simple natural gnat repellents to repel insects and bugs with the same tools cheaply.

Many plants that keep away mosquitoes are keeping gnats away as well.

The benefits of herbs are not limited only on the use in food and drink, but there are benefits that can be used by the housewife in different situations and usages such as cleaning the house with herbs solutions and the most important thing is that herbs does not harm Human and Nature as many of chemicals in the market, which can lead to serious health ailments.
If you want to know what do gnats look like?

Do you know where do bugs come from?
Tight spots in the kitchen, between the kitchen drawers, inside the oven, the grill inside, down the stove, under or between the old jars in your kitchen, ..
Insects usually infest the Garden of the house, potting soil around balcony or inside the house; places contain water source or source of water leaking. more to know about gnat sources indoor and outdoor

1- Securing the entrances and exits of the house against insects
screening of potential entry points for insects into the house, where you think bugs are coming from,
Spray salt in places that you think are their income.
Place a small slice of lemon on the entrances and possible exits, and walkway between rooms as well.
Ants hate salt and lemon, also gnats hate vinegar, Salt dehydrate fungus gnats and kill them, All that guarantee that insect gone with no return.

2- Vinegar cleaner
Note that vinegar is stronger than any chemicals,
Vinegar is effective disinfectant and detergent,
Vinegar does not harm health and the smell disappear after five minutes,
Even Weevils which often eliminates all the supplies in the kitchen can’t resist vinegar and leave your kitchen.

How to use vinegar cleanser well?
Vacuum well.
Cleaning the house ground with a solution of water and vinegar
Clean shelves at kitchen and restroom with watery vinegar solution;
Clean most crowded places in the house and most abandoned places as well.
Wipe excess water
And I like to mention that the house that cleaned with vinegar does not always penetrated by insects, no need to Hire a Cleaning Service
You should note that; hygiene is important to keep the cockroaches from your house,
But women may be eager to clean her apartment or her home, even though it may find insects in their homes, why?
Because some bugs strong enough to live without eating, but can not live without water, nats use water for everything in their lives.
So a woman must wipe places from excess water.
More about soap and vinegar benefits


Use laurel carnation bag for repulsion of gnats and insects or any other creatures
Also named bay laurel, sweet bay, bay tree (esp. United Kingdom), true laurel, Grecian laurel, laurel tree or simply laurel.
However, Flies do not close to any place where there is basil.
We’re going to use gnat’s nose against them.

How to use bag of scents well to keep gnats away?
Mix a quantity of laurel with carnations,
Pack the rosary mixture in gauze,
Attach the bag on the wall corners of the apartment room, kitchen, bathroom, or any corner…
Replace by new weed leaves every two or three months.

However, Ants and Cockroaches strongly hate bay leaf, and can not be close to the places where this herb there are
After using the mixture laurel and carnations you will never see any insects buzzing around or those little crawlers.

4- Keep insects away from lockers and cupboard
Mites is the meant bugs in cloths
Collect a little rosemary, Rayhan, peppermint dried, and cloves.
Fill the Rosary Group in small bags of been done in gauze.
Hang the bag in the cupboard corners and drawers
The result is 100% in addition to the refreshing smell (you can use a single herb or two of them as you want).

Do not throw soap!! Yes; another cheap way to keep gnats away, dry the soap before they melt completely, place it in a bag of nylon and then place it among the clothes that does not used in some seasons, if there are many Apparel, preferably use 2 soaps in the bag.
In this way the clothes will not get any insects plus the smell is beautiful.
This way we can dispense mothball.

5- Keep big insects away from your home
We use the same herbs to ward off cockroaches like what we did with the ants, but add boric acid (found in the pharmacy), Boric acid has been from ways that are used as a lotion for the eyes.
Spray boric acid on the corners of the house and behind the refrigerator and so on…

Usefulness is you will not see their dead bodies in the land of your house, Cockroach carries some of boric acid in his legs and when the cockroach is due to his friends kill them in their hideout, Yes, boric powder sticks to it and once it’s in his hideout, powder strewn in their eating and their hideout at all, eliminated them.
Once the existence of this powder, roaches and ants or adult gnats will not come near the house
Also, most bugs never have immunity against boric acid powder in particular. 40+ method to kill house insects

Usually, if one of the types of powders used in your home, it will knock bugs for a period hen they are back stronger again, even if you spray the house a hundred times, because they have become immune, may you think then that the solution is the resort to spray or powder stronger than before.

We usually think in a liquid such as Baygon products to kill them on the spot.
Also there is Baygon Green Lavender or Baygon Green Odorless packs or even Baygon Liquid Electric Mosquito Repeller.
In this way insects will collect their purposes and their children and go, never to return.

Plus you will not then kill them and do not use pesticides that affect human health and kill you gradually through diseases and more what happens to a person after inhaled as asthma, headaches, and that after a while it becomes chronic as well as that it carcinogenic elements, thus how do I get rid of gnats naturally by repulsion of them and guarantee they never have entry to my House, because I hate killing insects.

Note we didn’t used any gnat trapAnd if a woman did what I mentioned earlier you would not see them

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